Zeith Corry [Done]

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Zeith Corry [Done]

Post by Zeith Corry on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:28 am

Name: Zeith Corry
Birth Date: April 1, 903 ET
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Special Characteristic: Zeith is Mute due to an accident that caused severe damage to his esophagus. Since he was able to study writing before that, he is able to communicate through a notepad and a pen that he always bring with him. He was sent to a school for special children to study sign languages but he only use that with his fellow mute.
Tribe: Wind Tribe
Personality: In spite of his disability, Zeith stayed lively and carefree as a child, perhaps due to the good support of his parents. He enjoys playing with others kids except for the part where he has to communicate with them which gives him quite a hard time. He likes going on all sorts of adventures with his peers especially exploring far from their village which would often lead them all to punishment by the village elders.

Zeith is compassionate, being a disabled child himself, he can't help but feel sorry for those who are going through the same situation such as his and he would always offer a way to support them emotionally. His bubbly attitude often gives out a positive aura to anyone around him, always able to bring out laughter to anyone he goes out with.

He is strong willed and also impulsive, not thinking twice whenever he wants to do something. That's the reason why his parents tend to be so protective around him because he often puts himself in a dangerous situation due to his impulsiveness.


  1. Wind: Zeith is friends with the wind. He likes the freedom he feels when a strong gust blows through his face. He relates it to freedom and enjoyment.
  2. Music: Zeith likes music so well that he trained him self in playing the piano, the violin and the flute. It's the best way he can express himself, being unable to speak. He does have times when he pity himself for not being able to speak, and those are the times when he goes to any of the instruments he love to console himself
  3. Explorations: Zeith likes exploring new lands with his friends so much that they would always find ways to get past the village guards to sneak out.


  1. Being Restricted: He doesn't like it when he is forbidden to explore. He may act like he is following but when no one is around, he would find every opportunity to escape and go wherever he wants.
  2. Bitter Foods: Zeith dislikes the bitter taste so much that when his family would have a tea party at their house, he would only drink some and throw most of the liquid in a plastic bag that he always have with him during these times, when no one is looking.
  3. Having to Wait: Zeith is the epitome of impatience. Whenever he is on to something, he got to finish it fast. He hates it when he is being held back. When he got no choice but to wait, that's when he really gets pissed off.


  1. Snakes: Keith hates snakes. He shivers at the very sound of their hissing. Every time he hikes through forests, he always walks very carefully, as not to step on to one.
  2. Bitter Medicines: He does not just hate it, he fears of taking in one. He has that weird concept that his condition can even worsen whenever he would be given one.
  3. Darkness: He shivers in fear when he isn't able to see anything because of darkness. He would imagine anything that might just attack him from somewhere, and he would be able to defend himself. After all, it was because of a bear's claw during a dark night that caused him to loose his voice.

Height: 142 cms
Weight: 37 kgs
General Appearance: Zeith has a medium built body tone, just a bit chubby yet short for his age. His eyes is dark brown, almost turning black when not exposed to sunlight. His coarse skin is light tan in color and his hair is short greyish brown which he would often spike up with the help of a head band.

Since it's always windy at their village, Zeith would often wear a pale green jacket with a long blue scarf tied on his neck. He likes it when the wind blows his scarf, making each end seem like floating up in the air and the feeling of his jacket waving as the wind blows through it. Below, he wears a dark grey pants with blue shinobi sandals, allowing him to move more freely.

History: Zeith was born from a lowly family of servants. Since their master is a kind old man, they are allowed to shelter in his noble house and are privileged to have banquet with their master. This formed Zeith's concept of equality at a very young age. He is son to Baldor and Abby Corry, both serving under Austin Fischer, which is one of the tribe's elders. Austin is an extremely kind one who treats Zeith almost like a son since he wasn't able to have a family of his own because of his duty to the tribe. It was him who taught Zeith everything about his wind skills which Zeith's parents both didn't mind.

With the noble's house being a playground of most of the village's kids, Zeith enjoys the company of many friends during his spare time. He plays a lot of games and would often be the one to lead others into a funny and lively conversation. He had a good childhood until one time when he and his friends decided sneak out of the tribe to explore the forest just near their village. The adventure is fun filled at first until they got lost and walked around the forest until it was nightfall. No matter how much they tried, they simply cannot find their way home. Worse, the friends ran into a huge black bear. Most of them shivered in fear but Zeith stayed calm, telling all others to just stay still. It all went well when one of them dropped a coin which caught the bear's attention. Zeith decided to catch the attention of the bear while letting the others escape. He went deep into the jungle alone as the path became darker and darker. He stopped panting, with the exhaustive running. He can barely see nor hear any footsteps of anything. He was just surprised when he suddenly heard a loud roar behind him then a painful scratch on his neck. He fell, unconscious when after a few seconds, he heard a loud gunshot.

He woke up after a few days, in the tribe's medical hut with both his parents and Mr. Fischer standing beside him, exclaiming joy, with tears bursting from his mother's eyes when they finally saw him awake. He wanted to say something but no voice seem to be coming out of his mouth. He panicked making Mr. Fischer explain about the loss of his voice. It took him a month before he was able to emotionally recover from the trauma and half a year before his bubbliness and carefree attitude return to him. In spite of what happened to him, his passion to explore the unknown never left him.

Face Claim: Konohamaru - Naruto

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Zeith Corry

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Re: Zeith Corry [Done]

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