Summoner Skills Template

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Summoner Skills Template

Post by Phoenix on Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:43 am

Post a topic with the template below, using this topic as your guide.


[b]Skill Name:[/b]
[b]Mana Cost:[/b]

Below is a guide to filling out the template above.

Skill Name: The name of your skill.
Rank: Rank it currently is
Type: Active or Passive
Class: Use the skills guidelines linked above to identify your skill's class
Element: Elemental affinity of your skill. You can only use the element of the tribe you belong to or you may chose it to be 'Neutral'
Description: A brief description of your spell. Might include how it is being cast, the shape of the spell, its special effects, what ever is in your mind to describe it.
Efficiency: damage, resistance, speed, range, size, all parameters that define your spell's performance goes here. Use the skills guidelines linked above to help you fill this up.
Size: Size of the spell. Note that spells that cover up more than 1 meter in area are considered area of effect spells.
Mana Cost: Cost of mana needed to use this skill. If this is passive, simply put 'N/A'
Cooldown: How many posts are needed before this skill can be used again. If this skill is passive, simply put 'N/A'

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