Elemental Spirit Skills Template

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Elemental Spirit Skills Template

Post by Phoenix on Tue Sep 29, 2015 4:53 am

Post a topic with the template below, using this topic as your guide.


[b]Link of Elemental Spirit:[/b]
[b]Skill Name:[/b]

Below is a guide to filling out the template above.

Link of Elemental Spirit: Link of the approved Elemental Spirit that would be using this skill.
Skill Name: The name of your elemental spirit's skill.
Rank: Rank it currently is
Type: Active or Passive
Class: Use the skills guidelines linked above to identify your elemental spirit's skill class
Element: Elemental affinity of your elemental spirit's skill. You can only use the element of the tribe you belong to or you may chose it to be 'Neutral'
Description: A brief description of your elemental spirit's skill. Might include how it is being cast, the shape of the skill, its special effects, what ever is in your mind to describe it.
Efficiency: damage, resistance, speed, range, size, all parameters that define your elemental spirit spell's performance goes here. Use the skills guidelines linked above to help you fill this up.
Cooldown: How many posts are needed before this skill can be used again. If this skill is passive, simply put 'N/A'

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