Summoner's Registration Template

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Summoner's Registration Template

Post by Phoenix on Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:26 am

Create your summoner using this template

Link an image of your character at the topmost part of your character creation post before proceeding with your character's information.

Name: The name of your summoner. Please make an appropriate name not simply a username type word hence, numbers and inappropriate symbols are not allowed. Suffixes can be tolerated such as III, Jr., Sr.
Birth Date: When was your character born? Current year is 915 ET
Age: Age of your character based on your indicated Birth Date
Gender: Gender of your character. Male or Female.
Special Characteristic: Any special mark that would distinguish your character goes here like birthmarks, scars, disabilities, etc. These characteristics cannot have any battle advantage.
Tribe: The tribe you want your character to belong. Fire, Earth, Wind or Water
Personality: Describe your character's behavior with a minimum count of 100 words.

Likes: List of what your character likes the most. Please indicate at least 3


  1. Chocolates: X likes sweets a lot especially the taste of luscious chocolates

Dislikes: List of what your character is most disgusted with. Please indicate at least 2

  1. Tea: X hates the bitter taste of teas so he would always refuse to have one.

Fears: List of your character's worst nightmare. Include your character's reaction whenever he encounters such fear. Note that this would really affect your character RP wise. Please indicate at least 2

  1. Cats: X shivers with the presence of a cat near him. He would be paralyzed in fear when a cat rubs itself on him and would run frantically once he was able to pull himself together.

Height: Your character's height in centimeters
Weight: Your character's weight in kilograms
General Appearance: Describe your character in not less than 100 words.

History: Relate the background story of your character in not less than 200 words.

Face Claim: The image you want to use in your avatar and basically how you would describe your character. Be it from an anime, western cartoons, game, etc. Real life personalities are not allowed. Indicate the name of your face claim and the anime/game it came from. If it's an original artwork, simply write "Original Work"

Referrer: If somebody referred you to this site, put the link of his profile here. If not, simply leave this blank.

The box below contains the code of this summoner's template.


[center]<Summoner Image>[/center]

[b]Birth Date:[/b]
[b]Special Characteristic:[/b]
[*][b]Like#1:[/b] <Description>
[*][b]Like#2:[/b] <Description>
[*][b]Dislike#1:[/b] <Description>
[*][b]Dislike#2:[/b] <Description>
[*][b]Fear#1:[/b] <Description>
[*][b]Fear#2:[/b] <Description>

[b]General Appearance:[/b]


[b]Face Claim:[/b]


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