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Summoners Guidelines

Post by Phoenix on Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:12 pm

Before anything else, you need an approved summoner before you can have an Elemental Spirit of your own and start RP'ing with others. To create one, make an application here using this template with the name of your summoner as the title of your post. If you want to go ahead and post your work which is yet to be completed, you may put the word [WIP] beside the name of your character at the title of your post, then remove it when you're done with your application. Once you're done, wait till a staff approve your work and you're off to rp'ing!


You start out as a beginner. You can have one Elemental Spirit which you need to apply as well. You can have a maximum of 3 skills, 2 of them can be your starter and another one to be trained before it can be used. You are still starting up so you still have lots of restrictions. You can only  train your Elemental Spirit up to D rank and you can only take on E Ranked Quests. You can train your skills up to Rank D.

Once your experience goes 500, notify a staff and you're up to your next level of adventure. Your limit of Elemental Spirit is still one but your skill slot now goes up to five. You can now make your Elemental Spirit stronger by ranking them up to C Rank and you can now take D Rank Quests and join others to take up C Rank Quests. You can now train your skills up to Rank C.

You achieve this rank by earning up to 2000 experience. Be sure to notify a staff then you'll be stronger. Elemental Spirit is still one but your skill slot now goes up to 10. Your Elemental Spirit can now be trained up to B Rank and you can take up to B Ranked Quests. You can now train your skills up to Rank B.

Earn 5,000 Experience and you're now just a few ranks away from being one of the elites. Again, notify a staff to update your rank. You now have a chance to gain an extra slot for another Elemental Spirit by performing a ritual at the hut of your tribe's chieftain. You need to form a single thread training with a minimum word count of 5000. Once the thread is made, you can now apply for another Elemental Spirit with a starting Rank of B, linking the training thread you made. In battle though, you can only have one Elemental Spirit out of the field. Your skill slot now goes up to 15 and can train them up to Rank A. Your Elemental Spirits can now rank up to A Rank and you can take up to A Ranked Quests.

You are now a step closer to being the elite. You just have to gain up to 10,000 Experience and you're all set. Your skill slot is now 15 however, they can no longer go beyond Rank A. Your Elemental Spirits however, can rank up to S Rank but you can only take on up to A Ranked Quests.

Earn 20,000 experience points and now you're officially one of the elite summoners. You can now summon both your Elemental Spirits out of the field. You can rank your Elemental Spirits up to Rank S+ to achieve their ultimate form which makes their disadvantage against certain elements nullified. You can now have, up to 20 skills but only 5 of them can be Rank S. You are now free to take S Ranked Quests but be warned that these quests are not to be taken lightly.


To be efficient in battle, one should be mindful of their stats.

This is how much physical damage a summoner can deal. Each summoner has a base physical damage of 1 x rank. Now, investing on this point would give a summoner an additional 1 point of damage for each point in this stat.

This dictates a summoner's reaction time and movement speed. Each summoner has a base reaction time of 0.25 sec - (0.001 * (Rank-1)) and a base movement speed of 5m/s + (0.1 * (Rank-1)). Each point on this stat shaves off 0.001 sec from the base reaction time and adds 0.1 to the base movement speed.

This basically affects the health of a summoner. Each summoner has a base health of 10 * Rank. Each point in this stat adds 5 points to a summoner's health.

This affects the mana of a summoner as well as it gives a bonus damage to a summoner's skill. Each summoner has a base mana of 20 * Rank. Each point in this stat adds 10 points to a summoner's mana pool.

Each stat can be trained by creating a training thread at each tribe's training ground with a minimum of 500 words per stat increase. One would then notify a staff to approve the training and their stat would be updated with the stat bonus.

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