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Quests Guidelines

Post by Phoenix on Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:17 pm

A summoner's life is filled with adventures. It helps them grow as an adventurer and as a warrior. Quests vary in difficulties and of course, more difficult ones yield better rewards.

To take on a quest, visit your Village Chieftain's hut and check for any available quest that is suited for your rank. Post a reply at the quest topic that you chose to have, indicating your interest in taking the quest. Once a staff approve you of the quest, you may now start a quest post at the location indicated by the quest with a minimum word requirement based depending on the quest's rank. Once the post is done, go back to the quest topic then post with the link of your quest topic including a message, indicating that you are done with the quest. Once you got approved, make a topic at a category here based on the rank of your quest with a message that, that thread is where your quest reward for that Rank lies. After creating the thread, reply with the link of the quest topic where you have been approved of completion and your experience would automatically be credited to you.

It is better to take a quest with others for the word count requirement would be split among you and each of you gain the same reward as the quest offers.

Word Count Requirement

To complete a quest, you must create a thread that has a minimum number of words as indicated below:

Rank E: 500 words
Rank D: 750 words
Rank C: 1000 words
Rank B: 1250 words
Rank A: 1500 words
Rank S: 2000 words

If a quest require combat and you used a skill within the quest, indicate it in a spoiler. A skill can only be used once in a post. You must make sure that the combat scene you put on the quest post is acceptable for the completion of the quest. The damage you did to the opponent/s of the quest must be enough for you to actually win the combat.

Quest Rewards

Each quest yields reward depending on Rank.

Rank E: 50 Experience, 25 Gold
Rank D: 100 Experience, 50 Gold
Rank C: 200 Experience, 100 Gold
Rank B: 500 Experience, 250 Gold
Rank A: 1000 Experience, 500 Gold
Rank S: 2000 Experience, 1000 Gold

Quest Contribution

Tired of the site's usual quests? You may contribute your own by making an application here

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