Keep the Torches Lit [Repetitive Quest]

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Keep the Torches Lit [Repetitive Quest]

Post by Phoenix on Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:36 am

Title: Keep the Torches Lit
Rank: E
Location: Around the Fire Tribe Village
Primary Objective: Keep one of the torches around the Fire Tribe Village lit
Background Story: There are exactly 100 torches around the Fire Tribe village that are infused with incense. These are not ordinary torches for these are the villagers' way of communicating with fire elemental spirits and also wards of evil spirits that may harm the village. They can't be taken out by simple ways as a normal fire would be taken out but they need to be constantly supplied by a special fuel to keep them lit.

You would see a request post from Garin, one of the village elders that is in charge of keeping all the torches around the village lit. He used to handle the situation all by himself but now that he is growing old and there is still no one to replace him, he asks help from the villagers to help him in this sacred task.

Meet Garin outside the village as he pour some magical powder at each torches and tell him that you are there to help with the task. He hands you a pouch of magical powder and a tiny cup. He then specifically instructs you to pour a cupful of powder to the torches once every hour. The powder is so powerful that even a dust more than the required powder would cause the flames in the torch to run ablaze and might cause a destructive crisis on the village as the flames can't be easily taken out. You are to do the task for 12 hours and after that, you receive your reward.


Name: Garin
Description: One of the Fire Tribe village elders that is specifically in charge of keeping the torches around the village lit through a special magic powder.

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