Prologue: War of the Spirits

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Prologue: War of the Spirits

Post by Phoenix on Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:17 am

From the beginning of time, spirits of rivaling elements have been in constant war with each other. The furious spirits of the flames, the mischievous spirits of the winds, the deceitful spirits of the waters, and the prideful spirits of the earth. For one eon, one of the elemental races would reign supreme, only to be overthrown by another. An endless war of glory and power dominated the spiritual realm, unknown to the physical realm of men.

As chaos ran the realm of the spirits, peace ruled in the physical realm of men. For thousand of years, the innocent men enjoyed their golden years of peace until one day, a young general of the fire spirits discovered that a link to human spirit can make them stronger. One after another, the fire general started to posses men acquiring great power. This however, caused illness to befall upon the men that he possessed. Moreover, the general's secret did not remain unveiled as great power is indeed a force that attracts those who are obsessed by it. Knowing the young general's secret, many of the other spirits desired to possess men as well, bringing chaos to the physical realm as well as death to those human beings whose spirits have been exhausted.

Alarmed, men tried to find the cause of the plague that befell their race. Through tedious studies, sages finally discovered the realm of the spirits and the cause of the illnesses and deaths. It however took years of studies before a generation of men finally discovered the method to subdue the spirits and even turn them into slaves. Breaking the barrier between the spiritual realm and the physical realm, the sages were able to summon some elemental spirits and turned them into useful aids. Finding the art beneficial to many, the skill of summoning and enslaving an elemental spirit has become a famous practice of men. Unknown to many however, wielding the power of the spirits caused corruption in the the hearts of men. The rage of war that once belonged to the elemental spirits was transfused to men, bringing yet another chaos to the physical realm. This time, the thirst for glory and power corrupted the summoners, causing chaotic skirmishes to break out among those who control different elemental spirits.

To pacify the chaos, the elders decided to break the once united human race into four tribes, uniting those who are masters of the same elemental spirit in one tribe. The summoners of the flaming spirits were attracted to the volcanic ring of the southern world. The summoners of the wind spirits flew to the beautiful prairie of the east were the wind blows the strongest. The summoners of the earthen spirits took shelter at the center of the rocky mountain ranges of the west. Finally, the summoners of the water spirits made their way to the freezing land of the north.

Contrary to the elders belief however, the division of men into tribes did not solve the problem for the greed that has corrupted their hearts aren't curable by any art. War continued to break among the tribes. The war that once only existed in the spiritual realm now plagued the physical realm of man as well.

For ages, men suffered thousands of casualties due to the war that they never knew how to end. For generations, the origins of elemental spirit summoning has been forgotten, burying the secrets of why the wars even began. The insanity, the greed for power that is, has been considered an incurable illness that caused fatalities in men more than the other illnesses that have befallen them. Hope for piece finally emerged when a pact was formed among elders and military leaders of each tribe. To pacify the war, an annual tournament among the greatest warriors of each tribe was held to channel the summoners urge of battle. Those who's urge aren't strong enough to throw them into rage remained among the audience of the competition and the art of elemental summoning were limited among those whom the tribal elders deem capable of properly handling the art.

From then on, peace reigned the physical realm of man, but for how long?

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