Wind Poppies [Repetitive Quest]

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Wind Poppies [Repetitive Quest]

Post by Phoenix on Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:25 am

Title: Wind Poppies
Rank: E
Location: Boreas Park
Primary Objective: Collect 20 Wind Poppies on Boreas Park
Background Story: Valera an old tribe perfumer is running out wind poppies, an ingredient for one of her best selling perfume. She used to collect the flowers herself but due to old age, she now needs to request for other able persons to do the errand for her.

The flowers grow on the westernmost part of the Boreas Park. The task of collecting the flower itself seems like an easy task however, the path towards the place is quite a challenge. Before the area of the Wind Poppies are three quite inhospitable flowers.

The first group are flowers of the toad plant. They aren't a dangerous bunch but the foul odor that the flowers excrete prevents any visitor from coming closer. The next batch of flowers are roses, sweet, romantic yet with vines full of thorns. The last group of flowers that the locals call 'Loste'. They are small sized flowers having five snow white colored, pointed petals with blue style and anthers. The plant that hold the flowers usually grow up to 6 feet in height. The flowers aren't as innocent as they look for if they are triggered by motion in anyway, they release highly sedative pollen clusters that may put one to sleep in an instant for more than 6 hours.

Valera notes that all twenty flowers must be delivered before noon for extracting the fragrance from the flowers takes quite a time and she needs to finish a couple of perfumes before sundown.


Name: Valera
Description: A tribe perfumer, expert at making high quality perfumes for the village ladies and gentlemen alike.

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