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Earth Tribe's Village

  • Earth Tribe's Village

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  • Earth Chieftain's Hut

    This is where the Earth Tribe's chieftain resides. Here, you can accept quests that can help you gain some experience.
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  • Earth Tribe's Training Ground

    Need a safer place to train within the Earth Tribe's domain, there's one here that is perfectly made for Earth Elemental Summoners. It has a huge totem pole at the middle of the training ground that can endlessly replenish the energy of Earth Elemental Spirits, enabling them to be trained in a longer period of time. Summoners themselves have a huge area to train their own skills as well, complete with highly durable training dummies and obstacles that can help an earth summoner improve himself in battle.
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  • Terra Park

    Beside the Earth Chieftain's hut is a huge square area with stone statues on each corner, each symbolizing a great hero who did a great part in defending the Earth tribe during one of the great wars. Stony benches are also scattered at the sides of the park, with the floor being made out of limestone. Here, summoners can take their time off from their battles and training to simply relax, make friends and enjoy life.
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