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Skill Fortune

Post by Phoenix on Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:40 am

Special Skill for Elemental Spirits are now up!

After your Elemental Spirit is approved, you have a chance to roll the 'Skill Fortune Dice' once to get one of the special skills that would give your Elemental Spirit a unique advantage over others depending on how you would be able to utilize it. All special skills are passive and can't be acquired through a custom application of skill.

To roll for the dice, reply on your Elemental Skill application by clicking on the 'Post Reply' button instead of typing at the quick reply. Simply input any message you want, choose 'Skill Fortune' on the Dices Roll #1 below the lower left portion of the message box then hit send.

A message will be posted next to your post indicating the random special skill that your Elemental Spirit gained.

More perks are still to come. Enjoy RP'ing guys!

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