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Skills Guidelines

Post by Phoenix on Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:13 pm

Aside from their Elemental Spirits who can fight for them, Summoners do have skills of their own to be used in combat.

They are divided in two major types.

Active Skills: These skills all require mana to be used and require a certain number of cool down before they can be used again.

Passive Skills: These skills don't require mana to be used and is always active however, their power is decreased a rank below. Rank E passive skills have their power halved.

Furthermore, skills belong to certain class.

Offensive Melee: These are the most powerful skills that can be used to damage ones opponent through close combat. They can deal damage according to rank.

  • Rank E: 5 points of damage (Passive would have 2 points of damage)
  • Rank D: 10 points of damage
  • Rank C: 15 points of damage
  • Rank B: 20 points of damage
  • Rank A: 25 points of damage
  • Rank S: 30 points of damage

Offensive Range: These offensive skills are less powerful than offensive melee skills but can be performed from a distance. These skills cannot be passive. Their efficiency depends on rank.

  • Rank E: 3 points of damage, range of up to 6 meters with a speed rate of 3 m/s
  • Rank D: 8 points of damage, range of up to 10 meters with a speed rate of 5 m/s
  • Rank C: 13 points of damage, range of up to 16 meters with a speed rate of 8 m/s
  • Rank B: 18 points of damage, range of up to 20 meters with a speed rate of 10 m/s
  • Rank A: 23 points of damage, range of up to 26 meters with a speed rate of 13 m/s
  • Rank S: 28 points of damage, range of up to 30 meters with a speed rate of 15 m/s

Defensive Wall: These skills are the most powerful defensive skills. Their power is twice the strength of an offensive melee and are able to protect the user and others as well however, they are static. These skills cannot be passive.

  • Rank E: resists 10 points of damage, maximum area size of 3 meters.
  • Rank D: resists 20 points of damage, maximum area size of 5 meters.
  • Rank C: resists 30 points of damage, maximum area size of 10 meters.
  • Rank B: resists 40 points of damage, maximum area size of 15 meters.
  • Rank A: resists 50 points of damage, maximum area size of 20 meters.
  • Rank S: resists 60 points of damage, maximum area size of 30 meters.

Defensive Shield: These skills are mobile defensive skills and can resist damage twice the strength of offensive range skills. They are however, limited to an area size of 1 meter hence, their defensive capability is limited to the part they can cover. These skills cannot be passive.

Defensive Barrier: These are the weakest of the defensive skills however, they encompass the whole summoner, allowing them defense from any side. Their resistance power is just equal to an offensive melee's damage point. This skill can be passive however, it's strength is decreased a rank below. An E ranked passive skill of this class can resist up to 3 points of damage.

Supportive Buff: These skills allow the enhancement of a character, as well as his elemental spirit's certain attribute such as physical damage, agility, skill damage, health, etc. Mana pool cannot be enhanced using this skill.

  • Rank E: +50%
  • Rank D: +75%
  • Rank C: +100%
  • Rank B: +125%
  • Rank A +150%
  • Rank S +200%

Supportive Healing: These skills enable a summoner to mend wounds, restoring their own health or another summoner's. The efficiency of their healing is equal to an offensive range skill's point of damage. These skills cannot be passive.

Supportive Sight: These skills enables a summoner to detect concealed summoners or objects around him. The sight radius is half the range of an offensive range skill. This skill cannot be passive.

Detrimental: In contrast with the Supportive Buff, these skills are meant to degrade an opponent's attribute depending on it's rank.

  • Rank E: 10%
  • Rank D: 20%
  • Rank C: 30%
  • Rank B: 40%
  • Rank A: 50%
  • Rank S: 75%

Knockback: These skills are focused on pushing one's target away from the caster. Making this skill melee would automatically add 1 point of damage to the skill while making it ranged inherits the range and speed of an offensive range skill. These spells cannot be passive.

  • Rank E: 1 meter away
  • Rank D: 2 meters away
  • Rank C: 4 meters away
  • Rank B: 6 meters away
  • Rank A: 8 meters away
  • Rank S: 10 meters away

Utilities: These are non combat skills that can be proved useful to a summoner such as flight, a lighting spell that can dispel darkness, etc. Their efficiency must be within the above mentioned parameters. For example, flight should follow the speed of an offensive ranged spell and the height an elemental spirit can fly depends on the range of an offensive ranged spell. Lighting would follow the range of a Supportive Sight spell. As for others, the staff would decide on what parameters is appropriate for such spell. Since they are non combat skills, the mana required for these skills is halved. These skills cannot be passive.

Sustained: Active skills can be sustained by allowing the user to sacrifice 50% of the required mana in the initial casting of the spell for every post it is sustained. The power of the spell remains but once a summoner can no longer supply mana for the spell, the spell is automatically cancelled. The cooldown of sustained spells are half more then the normal skill cooldown. Defensive skills cannot be sustained and supportive healing skills that are sustained have their efficiency reduced a rank.

Area of Effect: Skills are allowed to affect a larger area, making them able to affect multiple targets. Skills who have this feature however, have their efficiency degraded a rank down. An E Ranked skill has its efficiency halved. Below is the guide to the maximum area, a skill can affect based on rank. Note that non area of effect skills can only have a maximum size of 1 meter.

  • Rank E: Max size of 2 meters
  • Rank D: Max size of 4 meters
  • Rank C: Max size of 6 meters
  • Rank B: Max size of 8 meters
  • Rank A: Max size of 10 meters.
  • Rank S: Max size of 20 meters.

Multiclass: Skills can gain the effect of one or more class but each would be allocated a certain percentage that would sum up to 100% which would determine how much of each class' parameter would take effect.

For example, an active rank E skill which is 50% defensive barrier and 50% offensive melee. It would be able to deal 3 (rounded up from 2.5) points of damage and defend against 3 points of damage. Another example would be an active rank E skill which is 70% offensive range and 30% detrimental, slowing down the opponent. It would be able to deal 2 (rounded down from 2.1) points of damage reach up to 4 (round down from 4.2) meters, travel up to 2 meters per second, and slow the target down by 3%.

Elemental Affinity:

All skills can only acquire the elemental affinity of the user's tribe although all can make a spell neutral and thus can have no elemental advantage nor disadvantage over certain skills. Skills get an elemental advantage over the other in a cycle of Fire having advantage over Earth, then Earth having an advantage over Wind, then Wind having an advantage over Water then Water over Fire.

When two offensive spells clash, the advantageous element has it's power doubled and would get through the weaker element but its damage is dropped down to how much the other element was able to defend itself. For example, An offensive melee fire skill with 5 points of damage is clashed with an offensive ranged water with 3 points of damage. The offensive ranged water would have it's damage increased to 6 hence, it would eat 5 points from the offensive melee and able to damage the fire skill user with 1 points of damage because of the damage difference. In relation to this, even if a skill is at its disadvantage, it can still be able to par or even get through another skill its point of damage stands higher than the other skill's point of damage in spite of the skill with advantageous element have its point of damage doubled.

Mana Requirements and Cooldown:

This only applies to active skills. When using active skills, a certain amount of mana is required and a second use of the skill needs to wait after a number of post depending on the skill's rank.

  • Rank E: 4 Mana, 2 posts cooldown
  • Rank D: 8 Mana, 4 posts cooldown
  • Rank C: 12 Mana, 6 posts cooldown
  • Rank B: 16 Mana, 8 posts cooldown
  • Rank A: 24 Mana, 10 posts cooldown
  • Rank S: 30 Mana, 12 posts cooldown

Skill Registration and Training

Before a skill can be used, one must apply for it first. A beginner can apply for two E Ranked starter skills. Once mod approves, they are ready to use. As for the succeeding skills however, a skill needs to be trained first after they are approved for them to be ready for use. To train a skill, one needs to create a training thread at a tribe's training ground containing a certain number of words depending on the skill's rank.

  • Rank E: 500 words
  • Rank D: 750 words
  • Rank C: 1000 words
  • Rank B: 1250 words
  • Rank A: 1500 words
  • Rank S: 2000 words

To upgrade a skill, you need to register it again, through a separate thread noting that you are to upgrade your skills. Be sure to put the skill to be upgraded inside a spoiler after the skill it was upgraded to. Note that in upgrading a skill, you only upgrade their efficiency and not their form. After your upgrade registration is approved, you would again train your skill with a reduced number of words.

  • Rank D: 250 words
  • Rank C: 500 words
  • Rank B: 750 words
  • Rank A: 1000 words
  • Rank S: 1500 words

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