Welcome to Elemental Summoners!

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Welcome to Elemental Summoners!

Post by Phoenix on Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:42 pm

Hello there folks!

I thank you guys for registering on this site! As a warm welcome and also to celebrate the opening of the site, I'll be giving perks for all of you until I gain enough players for this site. Do abuse the perks while they last!

  1. Create your character and after your character is approved, you will automatically be given a bonus of 50,000 gold which you will later be able to use on purchasing some game goods.
  2. Create your elemental spirit within the event period and it will have a passive special skill which will not take up a skill slot. All you need to do is to roll a Skill Fortune dice after your elemental spirit is approved.
  3. We need quests! And for that, I encourage you guys to apply your custom quest and you will receive a bonus of 100 gold for your every quest that is approved.
  4. Create a solo thread and there's a chance that the "Mysterious Shadow" will appear and give you some random rewards if you are able to do whatever he asks.
  5. Movement is free while the event last so you are free to move at any part of the map without having to type a certain number of words for movement.
  6. There's no limit to how many number of threads you can be in. Take note however that after the event, you'd have to exit on your extra threads and will have to follow the 5 thread limit as indicated on the rules.
  7. Referrals! Refer as many friends as you can and once they reach Rank D, you'll get an extra 5,000 Gold.

More perks will be coming your way so enjoy RP'ing guys!

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